Inverters are effectively the opposite of a transformer, like those you charge your mobile phone from. For example, a transformer takes the mains 240V alternating current (AC) supply and changes it to 5V direct current (DC) required by the phone to charge; an inverter takes the DC voltage generated by the PV panels and converts it to 240V AC. The process of converting DC to AC and synchronising it with the mains electricity supply is somewhat more complex than converting AC to DC, which is why inverters are  larger and more expensive than transformers.

Inverters come in two main types; 'string' inverters to which all the panels are connected, like the one shown here mounted on a garage wall or micro-inverters that are about the size of an iPad. There is typically one micro-inverter per solar panel; the benefit of these is that they allow each panel to operate independently of its its neighbours which is beneficial if there are some issues with shading. Wtih string inverters, the worst performing panel on a circuit dictates how much the other panels can generate.
Other components, such as isolating switches and a meter that measures your electricity generation are also required to complete the installation. These then connect to your main supply at the consumer unit or
In domestic installations, this equipment can be in the garage, utility room, large cupboard or loft. 

String inverters have display panels that show information about how much electricity has been generated where as micro-inverters use a small wireless display.  Options are available to store data from the inverters on USB or SD cards or they can transmit it, wirelessly or via Bluetooth, to remote display panels or to your computer for subsequent analysis.

There are even iPhone apps which let you monitor your system from anywhere in the world!

Safelec Solar can advise you on the alternatives to ensure you have a system configured to meet your requirements.

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