Thu, 1st Oct  2015

Feed-in Tariff Cuts

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is proposing to cut the feed-in tariff rates for solar PV installations by as much as 87%.  Publishing the outcome of the long-awaited feed-in tariff review, the government is proposing deep cuts to all bands from 1 January...

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Thu, 9th Oct  2014

Safelec Gains SMA Advance Solar Installer Status

For over 30 years, SMA has helped hundreds of thousands of people and companies produce and consume energy independently according to their individual needs. Designing and manufacturing in Germany, SMA has a UK Service Centre located in Milton Keynes. Safelec Solar has used SMA inverters on the...

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Wed, 6th Aug  2014

Safelec Welcomes Its Latest Employee

Steve welcomes the latest addition to our Customer Services team. We expect our customer extermination rate, sorry, satisfaction rate, to maintain its excellent high levels.

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Sat, 24th May  2014

Brocklesby Country Fair

We'll be exhibiting at Brockelsby Country Fair again on Sunday 22nd June; come and visit us in The Woodside Area. We will have a range of components and monitoring devices for you to view and you'll be able to see how some of our customer installations are performing, live, via our mobile...

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Wed, 2nd Apr  2014

Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a government financial incentive to encourage a switch to renewable heating systems. If you join and comply with the scheme rules, you’ll receive quarterly payments for seven years. It’s a way to help the UK reduce its carbon...

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Tue, 4th Feb  2014

Solar PV - Better than a Pension

Investing in solar PV can provide a better financial return than a pension, according to Greg Barker, Energy and Climate Change minister. Interviewed by the Daily Telegraph, Barker stated that solar PV is a “really attractive financial proposition”, and urged the public to...

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Sun, 2nd Feb  2014

Feed-in Tariff Update

The Generation Tariffs for PV systems below 50kW total installed capacity installed from 1st April 2014 will be reduced by around 0.5 pence per kWh (p/kWh). For domestic installations up to 4kWp, the rate will drop from 14.90p/kWh to 14.38p/kWh - this equates to a reduction in FiT payments of...

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Mon, 18th Nov  2013

The PV Market and Feed-in Tariffs Update

OFGEM has announced that the Feed-in Tariffs for systems of up to 50kW of installed capacity will not be reduced until at least 31st March 2014. We've now experienced stability in the rates since July this year as well as pretty stable PV hardware prices. We normally experience an easing in the...

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Mon, 8th Jul  2013

Heat Your Water With Solar Electricity

If you already have a solar PV system, we can install a small control box that automatically diverts any of your spare electricity generation into your immersion heater. On a good day, you could heat the full tank for free and on cloudier days, your boiler will have less work to do, so still...

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Wed, 5th Jun  2013

EU Import Tariff on Chinese Panels

The EU has announced that import duties will be levied on Chinese manufactured solar panels and solar wafers. The rate will be 11.8% on these items from 6th June 2013 to 5th August 2013 and then the rate may be raised to 47.6% thereafter. More to follow...

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Areas in Which We Operate

We are able to offer our full range of solar pv products and service throughout Lincolnshire and beyond. If you're unsure wether we operate in your area please contact us.