Sun, 2nd Feb  2014

Feed-in Tariff Update

The Generation Tariffs for PV systems below 50kW total installed capacity installed from 1st April 2014 will be reduced by around 0.5 pence per kWh (p/kWh).

For domestic installations up to 4kWp, the rate will drop from 14.90p/kWh to 14.38p/kWh - this equates to a reduction in FiT payments of around £430 over the twenty years the Feed-in Tariffs are paid, assuming inflation averages around 3%.

The Export Tariff will rise from 4.64p/kWh to 4.77p/wWh.

The full FiT rate tables for PV can be found on the OFGEM website; click here.

Areas in Which We Operate

We are able to offer our full range of solar pv products and service throughout Lincolnshire and beyond. If you're unsure wether we operate in your area please contact us.