Site Survey

Part of the MCS standard requires that the proposed installation location has a site survey conducted before the system is ordered; this is to ensure that consumers are provided with an assessment of the likely output of the system, to support the financial case for its purchase.

A very important aspect to consider is the potential effect of shading on the panels as this will affect their overall efficiency and electrical output.  The impact of shading is minimised by careful planning of the position and layout of the panels as well as the manner in which they are connected.  We also have to calculate structural loadings and wind loadings associated with the solar array to ensure it is suitable to be installed in the required location.

Safelec Solar provides the site survey to you free of charge.  However, some properties may require an additional structural survey (to assess if the roof construction can cope with the additional weight of the solar panels) which then requires the approval of your local Building Control department.

It is also important that other energy saving initiatives are identified and implemented to achieve the objective of reducing your carbon footprint; there's little point installing a Solar PV system if, for example, your loft isn't well insulated!  Since April 2012, properties have to achieve an Energy Performance Certificate rating of 'Band D' or higher to qualify for the 'Higher' Feed-in Tariff rates.

Please Note: Planning restrictions, relating to microgeneration systems, have been relaxed over recent years and no permission is required for the majority of properties. However, if you live in a Conservation Area or a dwelling which is Listed, you should consult with your local council Planning Department. If your property is subject to building restrictions, you should take appropriate legal advice.

Areas in Which We Operate

We are able to offer our full range of solar pv products and service throughout Lincolnshire and beyond. If you're unsure wether we operate in your area please contact us.