Benefits of Solar Panels

The UK Renewable Energy Strategy (RES) of July 2009 set a target of 15% of UK energy consumption to be derived from renewable sources by 2020.  As of April 2010, a scheme of incentives to encourage the adoption of domestic and small scale electricity generation came into force in the UK - the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).

Solar PV Incentives

A typical 2.54kWp domestic installation will reduce the carbon footprint of a property by over 1 tonne…
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Who Pays for the FiT?

We all do! The Feed-in-Tariff scheme is enshrined in UK law. It obliges the UK energy suppliers…
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Solar PV in Practice

It's also worth thinking about the balance between electricity generation and usage. In most…
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Areas in Which We Operate

We are able to offer our full range of solar pv products and service throughout Lincolnshire and beyond. If you're unsure wether we operate in your area please contact us.